Digital Vinyl CD singles for the S2N Roster coming soon!

Instead of the usual label sampler, we are launching S2N Records with a series of gorgeous ‘digital vinyl’ singles in matte black with white, red, or silver label print:


The covers are side-pocket LP-style sleeves made from reclaimed cardboard. Each one will have two songs, a new track by the artist and a b-side dub or alternate mix. I have always loved the format of the single. It’s a slightly autocratic and undemocratic form that demands a certain kind of attention (that means you, joe scrub-a-lot). I like this. Maybe the single contains four minutes of absolutely epic, visionary stuff or maybe, as Robert Wyatt once put it, it’s just a little dispatch, “like journalism.” Either way it brings us back to the primacy of the individual song in an era of 70-minute 15-track CDs, iTunes and Spotify.

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