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We started this label/co-op largely to feature music by our friends and to document important work that otherwise would not have a home. Everyone involved is established in their own right and has plenty of material available elsewhere. What we wanted were unreleased original tracks– dubs, live recordings, demos of new material– that might not otherwise see the light of day. These now includes live-in-the-studio material from the original Signal To Noise trio recorded to 2″ tape (!!!), new mixes by Alap Momin (Dalek, MRC Riddims) and Dada Yakuza, unreleased Big Elephant Smile tracks and a preview of the Orkestra Nervosa record.

Signal To Noise: Trio


Side 1: Trio 1 Plus 1 (6:43)

Side 2: Trio 2  (4:42)

The original S2N improv trio of Peter Janovsky (guitar, electronics), Walter Shih (bass, electronics) and myself (electronics and synthesizers). Joined by Kevin Schmidt (processed trombone/synthesizer) on ‘Trio 1 Plus 1’ . Recorded to 2″ tape at The Seaside Lounge. Hypnotic, exploratory instrumental rock featuring murderous performances by guitarist Peter Janovsky. 


Orkestra Nervosa: Enjoy


Side 1: Enjoy (5:29)

Side 2: Enjoy Reprise (5:08)

Alternate mixes of space jazz epic ‘Enjoy’ from our flagship release and the latest iteration of Travis Sullivan’s Bjorkestra. Taking its place next to the 18-, 12- and 7-piece versions of the perennial jazz supergroup, Orkestra Nervosa brings the band back to its original concept of  “an experimental jazz group with a virtual rhythm section”. Re-composed using samples from the first studio record as the raw material for new arrangements that combine constantly shifting and evolving grooves with wall-of-sound synths and sound design. ‘Enjoy’ features bass trombone from composer/horn player/all-around sonic lunatic Kevin Schmidt. Kevin did the orchestral jazz arrangement of this song for the 18-piece Bjorkestra and here you get to experience his awesomeness both dry (as a muscular, idiosyncratic bass horn liberated from the section instruments) and processed, through his MS20 synthesizer and various pedals. The Reprise is a Teo Macero style dub that features my three favorite drum machines, all tracked live to resampled figures from the original mix.  


LOA: Go On


Side One: Go On (5:08)

Side Two: This World We Made Up / LOA mix (6:34)

Shoegaze-y, psychedelic dance music and deep grooves from NY synth-and-drums duo LOA. Mixed to the fucking RED by Alap Momin (Dalek and MRC Riddims) at Deadverse in Union City, NJ. Featuring the consistently brilliant and badass Jesus Martinez (Desire Lines, Martinez FX, Zenen) on vocals and synths alongside frequent conspirator Ian Cook on drums and electronics.  ‘This World…’ is based on an original composition by Jesus Martinez from Zenen’s ‘An End To This Line’ record. The remix is very much a live-in-the-studio affair done in 2-3 ‘takes’ using only samplers, a Micron synth and some pedals (more or less how we did it live).   


Big Elephant Smile: The Blend


Side One: The Blend (4:59)

Side Two: Improvisation (5:33)

Big Elephant Smile bring the dub, the remix groove science and the high-energy melodic instrumental rock, usually all in the same track. Currently off the grid and out of range at an undisclosed location recording three separate EPs for 2016. The transmission contained herein was received with nothing short of giddy hysteria. Side One is the ‘pre-production dub’ of bombastic groove monster “The Blend” (still under construction). Side Two is a live-in-the-studio improvisation featuring the Tempest Analog Drum Machine and the Mopho analog monsynth, among others. This is exactly the kind of ‘dispatch from the zone’ we wanted for these singles, not to mention a stunning 10 minutes of crackling performances and unruly, improvised sonics spilling out all over the place.

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